Voting behavior under proportional representation

Published on 2020-01-17T13:06:42Z (GMT) by
<div><p>Understanding voter preferences in proportional representation (PR) systems is an essential first step towards understanding candidate selection and behavior. We unearth conceptual challenges of constructing a theory of sincere voting in PR elections. Using a rich but tractable framework, we propose a foundational theory of voting behavior in list PR systems. We show how voters’ expectations about the election outcome shape the relative salience of different candidates on a party’s ballot and ultimately determine their induced preferences over a party’s list. Our framework shows how voters allocate their attention across different ranks on a party’s ballot, and how this depends on each party’s relative popularity.</p></div>

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Nalepa, Monika; Cheibub, José Antonio; Buisseret, Peter; Prato, Carlo (2020): Voting behavior under proportional representation. SAGE Journals. Collection.