Tribological properties of surface microtexture friction pairs under different lubrication conditions

Posted on 10.10.2019 - 12:10

In the field of journal bearings, the microtexture processing technology of the bush inner surface has become an effective way to improve the performance of journal bearing. The two-dimensional finite element model of microtexture surface with different shapes of friction pairs is established based on the Navier–Stokes (N-S) equation, and the effect of lubrication conditions on the frictional performance of friction pairs is analyzed. Four microtextures that are radial grooves, circular pits, local reticulation, and circumferential grooved microtexture are processed by laser microcarving on the surface of specimen, and three different lubricating medium conditions are set up with high-viscosity oil, low-viscosity oil, and oil–solid mixture, and the effect of lubrication condition and texture shape on the wear reduction of the microtexture friction pair is studied. Results show that the concave microtexture and the radial groove can improve effectively the friction performance of the friction pair. The microtexture can effectively store the lubricating medium and wear abrasive particles in the mixed lubrication, and avoid effectively the second wear, and its average friction coefficient of radial groove microtexture is 22%, 30% lower than that of high- and low-viscosity lubricating media, respectively. Both theory and experiment have proved that the effect of microtexture on high-viscosity lubricant is better than that of low-viscosity lubricant.


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Wang, Lili; Zhao, Xingtang; Guo, Shaohui; Wang, Min (2019): Tribological properties of surface microtexture friction pairs under different lubrication conditions. SAGE Journals. Collection.


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