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The Student Risk Screening Scale for Early Childhood: Additional Validation Studies

Posted on 2020-06-09 - 12:07

We report findings of two validation studies of the Student Risk Screening Scale for Early Childhood (SRSS-EC). Although previous exploratory inquiry suggested a two-factor solution, results of Study 1 conducted with 274 preschool-age youth suggested mixed support for a two-factor model, with only one fit index suggesting an adequate fit (incremental index, comparative fit index [CFI] = 0.963). However, results did provide additional evidence of convergent validity between SRSS-EC and Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire scores. In Study 2, results of convergent validity studies with 90 preschool-age children offered evidence between SRSS-EC and (a) Social Skills Improvement System—Performance Screening Guide and (b) Caregiver—Teacher Report Form (C-TRF) scores. Results suggested the following cutting scores: SRSS-EC E7 (0–5 low, 6–7 moderate, 8–21 high risk) and SRSS-EC I4 (0–2 low, 3–4 moderate, and 5–12 high risk), with C-TRF scores as the criterion. We discuss limitations and directions for future inquiry.


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