Rainbowarray Microsphere-Based Gene Detection Assay

Published on 2019-11-03T13:06:58Z (GMT) by
<div><p>Here, we have developed a set of fluorophore-labeled microspheres named rainbowarray microspheres. Based on the spectrally encoded microspheres, we further developed a liquid hybridization approach for multiplex target detection. Different from the prototype Luminex xMAP array, this technology enables feasible, flexible, and cost-efficient microsphere labeling and multiplex detection in a timely and high-throughput manner. To demonstrate the practicability of this technology, quantitative measurement of microRNA regulation was performed during the differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells, in which the expression of two microRNAs was determined at a 2 h interval during a process of 2 days. The flexibility and the timely and high-throughput properties of the technology enable it to be widely implemented in clinical testing.</p></div>

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Xu, Ying; Zhang, Pei; Yi, Fan; Wei, Jing; Du, Quan (2019): Rainbowarray Microsphere-Based Gene Detection Assay. SAGE Journals. Collection. https://doi.org/10.25384/SAGE.c.4723205.v1