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Postoperative reproductive results of infertile patients with intrauterine adhesions: A retrospective analysis

Posted on 2022-09-23 - 00:12

To explore the reproductive outcomes after hysteroscopic separation of intrauterine adhesions (IUA) in infertile patients due to IUA.


This retrospective study enrolled patients with fertility requirements and infertility due to IUA. Data were collected from the hospital medical records and by follow-up by telephone. The impact on pregnancy and pregnancy outcome of preoperative adhesion, menstrual conditions before and after surgery and postoperative re-adhesion was analysed.


A total of 106 patients (median age, 28 years) were enrolled in the study. There was a significant correlation between preoperative menstrual patterns and pregnancy rate. There were 56 pregnancies (pregnancy rate 52.83%) after the operation. Patients with improved menstruation after the operation had a significantly higher pregnancy rate (pregnancy rate 56.25%; 45 of 80 patients) compared with the patients that did not experience any improvement in their postoperative menstrual status (pregnancy rate 21.43%; three of 14 patients). Of the 56 pregnancies, 40 (71.43%) resulted in live births and six (10.71%) patients had miscarriages. A total of 54 of 56 patients (96.43%) became pregnant within 2 years.


Pregnancy after intrauterine adhesion separation has a high rate of miscarriage and obstetric complications, so close monitoring of the patient is required.


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