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Patient Perception and Satisfaction With Insulin Pump System: Pilot User Experience Survey

Posted on 2019-05-05 - 12:00

Adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus using the Medtronic™ 670G pump were surveyed about their experience with the device. Responses were quantified to identify themes. Twenty-one participants completed the survey. Seventeen participants used the pump as part of a hybrid closed loop system, while the remainder used the pump in combination with a nonintegrated continuous glucose monitoring system. Overall, participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with the pump (14/21) mostly because of improvements in BG control (15/21). Least liked features were physical design and structure (6/21), frequency of user input (5/21), alert frequency (4/21), and difficulty of use (3/21). Those using the hybrid closed loop were satisfied with the auto mode feature (11/17), mostly because of improvements in BG control (9/17). The least liked features of the auto mode technology were that blood glucose levels remained elevated (5/17) and the frequency of alerts (4/17). Several aspects of the insulin pump that are of potential clinical or commercial relevance were reported. Further research is needed to discover more about participant usage patterns and satisfaction with the pump.


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Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology


Maria Adela Grando
Mike Bayuk
George Karway
Krystal Corrette
Danielle Groat
Curtiss B. Cook
Bithika Thompson
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