Patient Feedback on a Warfarin Action Plan Used in a Local Australian Physician Practice Setting

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<div>Background:<p>Warfarin is a high-risk medicine, and older persons (those aged 65 years and older)<sup>1,2</sup> who take this therapy need medicines information about it that is at a level which is both understandable and comprehensive to improve their knowledge about the risks and benefits of warfarin therapy.<sup>3,4</sup> Therefore, the primary objective of this study was to report patient feedback on a Warfarin Action Plan (WAP) (leaflet) and identify patients’ preferences regarding its content and format. The secondary objective was to canvass in-depth feedback regarding the participants’ information needs and current information-seeking practices with respect to warfarin therapy.</p>Method:<p>In an Australian General Practice medical centre setting, a qualitative study comprising 34 individual interviews was conducted. Emergent themes were elicited via a qualitative analysis using manual inductive coding.</p>Results:<p>The majority of participants gave very positive feedback on the WAP leaflet, stating that it was a useful and concise resource. In canvasing this feedback, 4 themes emerged: (1) the need for information about warfarin therapy, (2) reliance on doctors and/or pharmacists for information, (3) the need for information to normalize their daily life, and (4) patients and carers acting on the new information.</p>Conclusion:<p>The WAP is a simple and well-received tool that meets the knowledge and education needs about warfarin therapy for older people and their carers.</p></div>

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