Notch Regulates Fibrocartilage Stem Cell Fate and Is Upregulated in Inflammatory TMJ Arthritis

Published on 2020-05-23T12:12:21Z (GMT) by
<div><p>The Notch pathway is critical for the development of the extracellular matrix in cartilage by regulating both anabolic and catabolic cellular activities. Similarly, Notch signaling plays a biphasic role in adult cartilage health and osteoarthritis by maintaining homeostasis and contributing to degeneration, respectively. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the synovial joint of the craniofacial complex and is subject to injury and osteoarthritis. While Notch has been studied in axial skeletal joints, little is known about the role of Notch in TMJ development and disease. We identified fibrocartilage stem cells (FCSCs) localized within the TMJ condyle superficial zone niche that regenerate cartilage and repair joint injury. Here we investigate the role of Notch in regulating TMJ development and FCSC fate. Using a Notch reporter mouse, we discovered FCSCs localized within the TMJ superficial niche exhibit Notch activity during TMJ morphogenesis. We further showed that constitutively activating Notch promotes FCSC differentiation toward both cartilage and bone lineages, but inhibits adipogenesis. Using a TNF-α–induced TMJ inflammatory arthritis mouse model, we found that the expression of Notch receptors and ligands are upregulated and coupled with cells undergoing cartilage to bone transdifferentiation, which may contribute to TMJ pathogenesis. We also discovered that global Notch inhibition reduces osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation of FCSCs. Together, these findings suggest that Notch is critical for FCSC fate specification and TMJ homeostasis, and reveal that inhibition of the Notch pathway may be a new therapeutic target for treating TMJ osteoarthritis.</p></div>

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Ruscitto, A.; Scarpa, V.; Morel, M.; Pylawka, S.; Shawber, C.J.; Embree, M.C. (2020): Notch Regulates Fibrocartilage Stem Cell Fate and Is Upregulated in Inflammatory TMJ Arthritis. SAGE Journals. Collection.