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Narcissistic Admiration and Narcissistic Rivalry: Associations With Accuracy and Bias in Perceptions of Romantic Partners

Posted on 2023-02-28 - 13:09

Two studies examined perceptions of romantic partners, using the Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Concept model to conceptualize narcissism. We examined three types of partner perceptions: partner-enhancement (perceiving one’s partner more positively than oneself), mean-level bias (perceiving one’s partner more positively than the partner’s self-perception), and tracking accuracy (accurately perceiving the relative position of one’s partner within a sample). In Study 1, 252 individuals rated themselves and their partners in two agentic domains (attractiveness/vitality, status/resources) and one communal domain (warmth/trustworthiness). Narcissistic admiration was associated with less partner-enhancement, especially for agentic qualities. Study 2 surveyed 75 romantic couples about their self-perceptions and partner perceptions. Analyses with the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model revealed that narcissistic admiration was associated with less partner-enhancement. Study 2 also used the Truth and Bias model to examine mean-level bias and tracking accuracy. Narcissistic rivalry was associated with less mean-level bias and greater tracking accuracy in the domain of attractiveness/vitality.


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