Making working from home work: reflections on adapting to change

Posted on 12.09.2020 - 18:06

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our mental health service experimented with working from home. The flexibility of this practice can enable improved efficiency, staff well-being and expanded operating hours in the longer term. This paper shares our experiences and makes recommendations for being a part of and leading distributed clinical teams.


We saw a 3% increase in total appointment bookings and a 7% reduction in cancellations/non-attendance compared to the same period in 2019. Based on our experience and the literature, effective distributed teams have leaders that connect via video at least weekly; focus on transparency and output over micromanagement; prioritise staff relationships and err towards overcommunication.


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Khanna, Rahul; Murnane, Tess; Kumar, Shakira; Rolfe, Timothy; Dimitrieski, Stephanie; McKeown, Michael; et al. (2020): Making working from home work: reflections on adapting to change. SAGE Journals. Collection.


Australasian Psychiatry


Rahul Khanna
Tess Murnane
Shakira Kumar
Timothy Rolfe
Stephanie Dimitrieski
Michael McKeown
Maryam Ejareh dar
Laura Gavson
Charu Gandhi
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