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Growing and Glowing: A Digital Media Campaign to Increase Access to Pregnancy-Related Health Information for Black Women During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 2022-04-09 - 12:08

Low birthweight is a health issue disproportionately experienced by Black women. In Hillsborough County, Florida, Black women experience higher rates of low birthweight compared to the rest of Florida. This study examines the feasibility of a second attempt to use a digital low birthweight campaign to increase knowledge about low birthweight and pregnancy among Black women in Hillsborough.


Content for the Growing and Glowing campaign was delivered on social media through a web series with local prenatal care providers and educational images. Two cross-sectional surveys examined changes in pregnancy-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among Black women in Hillsborough. Digital metrics showed campaign reach and engagement.


Growing and Glowing attained 1,234 followers, 805,437 impressions, and a reach of 19,875. Web series videos were viewed almost 27,000 times, with 89% average viewer retention. The website attracted 2,634 unique page views. Evaluation surveys showed significant improvements in positive pregnancy-related intentions. Women aware of the campaign showed significantly higher awareness of the importance of prenatal care, and higher awareness of local resources.


Results from the second study of this campaign approach suggest that using a highly targeted digital intervention can be a well-received and potentially effective way to deliver pregnancy-related health information to Black women, even during a global pandemic. This approach has numerous benefits in reaching women who may fall outside traditional health marketing approaches.


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