FDA Reported Use of Patient Experience Data in 2018 Drug Approvals

Published on 2019-10-11T12:11:14Z (GMT) by
<div>Background:<p>“Patient experience data” (PED) refers to the systematic collection of meaningful data relating to the experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities of patients. PED can augment traditional clinical trial data in the FDA’s review of product applications. Section 3001 of the 2016 21st Century Cures Act requires the FDA to make a public statement about the PED considered in the approval of a drug application. Here, we present one of the first assessments of PED consideration during drug application approval, as reported by the FDA under Sec. 3001 of the Cures Act.</p>Methods:<p>FDA reported use of PED in the Review Documentation of the 59 new molecular entities (NMEs) approved in 2018 were collected, indexed, and cross-referenced against information regarding FDA review and product regulatory designation. The data reported in the PED tables were quantitatively described and visualized.</p>Results:<p>Of the 59 approved NMEs in 2018, 48 include a table that summarized whether PED was or was not used during the FDA drug review. Thirty-four of those 48 approvals (70.8%) reported using PED in the drug review. Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) represented the most significant source of PED and were used in 60.4% of approved drug reviews. Additional findings, including PED use by FDA review division and by FDA regulatory designation, are described.</p>Conclusions:<p>This assessment is a first step to better understanding how FDA considers PED in regulatory decision making. This analysis should help develop a baseline regarding FDA use of PED and may inform decisions to ensure patients’ experiences are adequately heard in future drug development.</p></div>

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