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Evaluating the collection and composition of plastic waste in the digital waste bank and the reduction of potential leakage into the ocean

Posted on 2022-09-23 - 00:10

Most ocean plastic pollution results from leakage from waste management activities on land, mainly in coastline communities. In this research, the digitalization of waste management will be evaluated to improve the prevention of leakage. The digitalization means introducing mobile apps into the waste bank that can improve waste management efficiency while providing reliable data. The data on waste management were gained from Griya Luhu App which has been used in 13 villages around Gianyar, while the waste generation was calculated from 97 samples. Then, the villages were categorized by their potential risk of waste leakage based on their distances from the shore. First, the growth of digital waste banks based on the number of units, the number of customers and the amount of waste-managed was analyzed. Second, the composition of waste collected was evaluated. Last, inorganic waste generation (IWG) from digital waste banks was reduced. The results showed that digital waste banks and the customers had grown rapidly in 1 year. The number of waste bank units grew from 0 to 80 with an increase to a total of 5500 customers during the same period with a maximum of 20 tons of waste managed per month. In general, digital waste banks have shown promising performance in preventing waste leakage into the ocean with a 54.04% reduction of IWG. Compared to this reduction percentage, Tulikup as a high-risk village has a considerably low reduction (30.30%) and should be prioritized. Furthermore, the ability to manage a village with a high population/number of customers should be improved.


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Ida Bagus Mandhara Brasika
I Gede Hendrawan
I Wayan Gede Astawa Karang
I Gusti Agung Indira Pradnyaswari
Ni Putu Oka Mia Krisna Pratiwi
I Gede Marta Wiguna
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