Developing Video Vignettes for Tourism Research: Protocol and Quality Indicators

Posted on 13.10.2021 - 12:07

Video vignettes are information-rich stimuli using audio and visual presentations to elicit viewer responses. Though rarely used in tourism research, messages delivered via video vignettes are arguably more engaging and realistic than written vignettes. This paper aims to develop clear guidelines for producing video vignettes and evaluating such efforts. A rigorous four-step procedure for producing authentic and valid video vignettes is created and implemented. The examined context involves an exploration of stereotypes shared by Hong Kong residents of Mainland Chinese tourists. A total of 10 video vignettes are developed and used as stimuli in 26 semi-structured interviews. Qualitative and quantitative appraisals are conducted to create and test the protocol and quality indicators. Recommendations are made based on the lessons learned from the validation process. The path toward the creation of video vignettes can provide directions for other tourism research inquiries, such as tourist interactions, embodied experiences, and mutual gaze.


Chen, Nan; Hsu, Cathy H. C.; L. Pearce, Philip (2021): Developing Video Vignettes for Tourism Research: Protocol and Quality Indicators. SAGE Journals. Collection.
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