Daily routine and habits during COVID-19 lockdown in Italy: An observational survey

Posted on 2023-03-19 - 00:12

Between March–May 2020, the Italian Government applied restrictive measures to reduce the risk of contagion, fostering a potential condition of occupational deprivation.


A digital survey was administered in June 2020 including closed and open questions. The goal was to report how the first Italian lockdown affected daily routine.


648 surveys were valid. Most respondents were workers and spent lockdown at home. Before quarantine, the most representative occupations were working and housekeeping; the significant ones were working and meeting friends/relatives. Wellbeing meant meeting friends/relatives and hobbies/interests. During lockdown, respondents dedicated themselves to housekeeping and working; meaningful occupations were working and cooking. All data was stratified according to age and perceived wellbeing; open questions were categorized by the researchers.


A daily routine in compliance with lockdown restrictions required a change in habits. Time was used for occupations not strictly contentful; finance and work gained significance. It is to hypothesize that the idea of wellbeing was deeply altered.


The study focuses on a slice of everyday life in times of emergency, it highlights people adaptability and their experiences according to age and future plans. Occupational justice emerges as a strong topic: the environment influences wellbeing, habits, and self-perception.


Maritan, Yuri; Pisaniello, Diletta Maria; Belvedere, Annalisa; Battain, Pier Carlo (2022): Daily routine and habits during COVID-19 lockdown in Italy: An observational survey. SAGE Journals. Collection. https://doi.org/10.25384/SAGE.c.6475807.v1
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