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Compliance to a Standardized Protocol for Stock Albuterol Medication among School Staff

Posted on 2022-10-11 - 12:09

A stock inhaler program provided access to rescue medication (albuterol sulfate) for school children. School staff were provided with a standardized protocol for medication administration. We hypothesized licensed nurses were more likely to report compliant events compared to unlicensed school staff. Stock inhaler events were defined as either compliant or non-compliant. A school protocol compliance score was calculated using the total number of compliant events divided by the total number of all events. The protocol for administration indicated 4 puffs for mild respiratory distress and 8 puffs for severe respiratory distress; therefore, events were defined as compliant if the dose of medication was divisible by 4. A Cragg Poisson hurdle regression was used to examine the association between compliance score and school staff experience. One-hundred fifty-two schools reported 999 stock inhaler events. Of these events, 28% were compliant and 72% of events were non-compliant. After controlling for school organizational type, grades served, and school size, school staff experience was not predictive of protocol compliance. Future efforts should focus on improving protocol compliance among licensed nurses and unlicensed school staff.


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