Chronic Inflammatory and Proliferative Lesions of the Gallbladder in Aged Pigs

Published on 2019-09-25T12:10:37Z (GMT) by
<div><p>Primary epithelial tumors of the gallbladder are rarely reported in animals. In this study, 9 aged pigs (6–12 years old) were histopathologically examined for gallbladder proliferative lesions. At necropsy, a large gallstone occupied the lumen of the gallbladder of 3 pigs. Histopathological examination revealed chronic cholecystitis in all 9 pigs, mucosal hyperplasia in 2 pigs, adenoma in 1 pig, and adenocarcinoma in 2 pigs. Bacilli were detected in the gallbladder lumen of 6 pigs by Warthin-Starry stain. Mucosal hyperplasia, adenoma, and adenocarcinoma were characterized by papillary projections of the mucosa with occasional acinar structures. Tumor invasion of the surrounding tissue was observed in the cases of adenocarcinoma. On Alcian blue and periodic acid–Schiff double-stained sections, the acinar structure of gallbladder mucosa in chronic cholecystitis and mucosal hyperplasia was stained in a mosaic pattern, indicating pyloric gland metaplasia. The results of immunohistochemistry revealed a CD10-positive epithelial brush border and mucin (MUC) 2–positive goblet cells in chronic cholecystitis, adenoma, and adenocarcinomas, indicating intestinal metaplasia. Immunoreactivity of MUC5 AC and cytokeratin 19 was weaker in adenoma and adenocarcinomas compared with the normal and hyperplastic gallbladder mucosa. The number of p53-positive nuclei and the Ki-67 index were higher in adenocarcinomas compared with benign lesions. These results suggest that chronic cholecystitis associated with gallstones and/or bacterial infections may contribute to metaplastic changes and development of gallbladder tumors in aged pigs. Alteration of mucin, cytokeratin, and p53 profiles in gallbladder proliferative lesions in pigs were similar to that in humans, suggesting a common pathogenesis in tumor development.</p></div>

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