Characteristics of Effective School-Based, Teacher-Delivered Mental Health Services for Children

Posted on 11.10.2019 - 12:09

The increasing need for school-based mental health services has altered teachers’ involvement in mental health services.


This study presents a meta-analysis from a previous systematic review to identify which study characteristics result in effective treatment outcomes. Specific treatment characteristics analyzed in this study include type of intervention, treatment modality, length of treatment, and type of measurement. Effect sizes were coded by internalizing and externalizing disorders, depending on the symptoms the corresponding treatments were intended to address. A final sample size included 9 independent effect sizes of internalizing behaviors and 21 effect sizes of externalizing behaviors.


Internalizing disorders, social skill interventions, classroom modalities, and medium treatment length were moderating treatment characteristics. No significant effects were found for externalizing disorders.


These results further add to the research on teacher’s role in school-based mental health services and provide important information for social workers who work in schools.


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Park, Sunyoung; Guz, Samantha; Zhang, Anao; Beretvas, S. Natasha; Franklin, Cynthia; Kim, Johnny S. (2019): Characteristics of Effective School-Based, Teacher-Delivered Mental Health Services for Children. SAGE Journals. Collection.


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Sunyoung Park
Samantha Guz
Anao Zhang
S. Natasha Beretvas
Cynthia Franklin
Johnny S. Kim
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