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Changes in the mode of transportation using active magnetic technology for non-standard equipment

Posted on 2023-05-26 - 02:07

A novel electro-permanent magnet transportation system is proposed in this article. The saddle is fixed to the transport vehicle and the cylindrical vessel is attracted and transported by magnetic force. Based on electro-permanent technology, this magnetic force is provided by the first and second magnets of its internal structure, so that the magnetic force is stable and strong. The loading and unloading of the magnetic force require only the application of pulse currents in opposite directions. According to the electro-permanent technology and transportation requirements, the initial structure of the electro-permanent chassis and saddle is constructed. Firstly, this study constructs the magnetic circuit of the magnetic module by theoretical derivation and magnetic field simulation, and then further calculates the parameters affecting the magnetic force of the magnetic module, determines the optimal number of ampere-turns, and verifies them by simulation. Next, we analyze the magnetization process of the magnetic module under continuous magnetization conditions. And the magnetic tensile experiment and the surface magnetic induction intensity measurement are performed on the magnetic module. The results show that the magnetic force is strong and evenly distributed. Finally, we perform preliminary calculations and verification of the transportation load during transport, the working area of 5.76–11.52 m2, and can meet the transportation demand to avoid danger.


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