Bradykinin Exerts Independent Effects on Trophoblast Invasion and Blood Pressure in Pregnant Guinea Pigs

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<div>Introduction:<p>The pleiotropic kininogen–kallikrein–kinin system is upregulated in pregnancy and localizes in the uteroplacental unit. To identify the systemic and local participation of the bradykinin type 2 receptor (B2R), this was antagonized by Bradyzide (BDZ) during 2 periods: from days 20 to 34 and from days 20 to 60 in pregnant guinea pigs.</p>Methods:<p>Pregnant guinea pigs received subcutaneous infusions of saline or BDZ from gestational day 20 until sacrifice on day 34 (Short B2R Antagonism [SH-B2RA]) or on day 60 (Prolonged B2R Antagonism [PR-B2RA]). In SH-BDZA, systolic blood pressure was determined on day 34, while in PR-BDZA it was measured preconceptionally, at days 40 and 60. On gestational day 60, plasma creatinine, uricemia, proteinuria, fetal, placental and maternal kidney weight, and the extent of trophoblast invasion were evaluated.</p>Results:<p>The SH-B2RA increased systolic blood pressure on day 34 and reduced trophoblast myometrial invasion, spiral artery remodeling, and placental sufficiency. The PR-B2RA suppressed the normal blood pressure fall observed on days 40 and 60; vascular transformation, placental efficiency, urinary protein, serum creatinine, and uric acid did not differ between the groups. The proportion of all studied mothers with lost fetuses was greater under BDZ infusion than in controls.</p>Conclusion:<p>The increased systolic blood pressure and transient reduction in trophoblast invasion and fetal/placental weight in the SH-B2R blockade and the isolated impact on blood pressure in the PR-B2R blockade indicate that bradykinin independently modulates systemic hemodynamics and the uteroplacental unit through cognate vascular and local B2R receptors.</p></div>

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