Associations of <i>VEGFA</i> and <i>KDR</i> single-nucleotide polymorphisms and increased risk and aggressiveness of high-grade gliomas

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<div><p>Angiogenesis, induced by the vascular endothelial growth factor A through its ligation to the vascular endothelial growth receptor 2, has been described as a crucial point in high-grade glioma development. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of <i>VEGFA</i>–2578C/A, −2489C/T, −1154G/A, −634G/C, and −460C/T, and <i>KDR</i>–604T/C, −271G/A, +1192G/A, and +1719A/T single-nucleotide polymorphisms on risk and clinicopathological aspects of high-grade glioma. This case–control study enrolled 205 high-grade glioma patients and 205 controls. Individuals with <i>VEGFA</i>–2578 CC or CA, <i>VEGFA</i>–1154 GG, <i>VEGFA</i>–634 GC or CC, and <i>VEGFA</i>–460 CT or TT genotypes were under 2.56, 1.53, 1.54, and 1.84 increased risks of high-grade glioma, compared to others, respectively. And 1.61, 2.66, 2.52, 2.53, and 2.02 increased risks of high-grade glioma were seen in individuals with <i>VEGFA</i>–2578 CC plus <i>VEGFA</i>–1154 GG, <i>VEGFA</i>–2578 CC or CA plus <i>VEGFA</i>–634 GC or CC, <i>VEGFA</i>–2578 CC or CA plus <i>VEGFA</i>–460 CT or TT, <i>VEGFA</i>–1154 GG or GA plus <i>VEGFA</i>–634 GC or CC, and <i>VEGFA</i> 634 GC or CC plus <i>VEGFA</i>–460 CT or TT combined genotypes, respectively, when compared to others. The “CAGT” haplotype of <i>KDR</i> single-nucleotide polymorphisms was more common in patients with grade IV than in those with grade III tumors, and individuals carrying this haplotype were at 1.76 increased risk of developing grade IV tumors than others. We present, for the first time, preliminary evidence that <i>VEGFA</i>–2578C/A and <i>VEGFA</i>–1154G/A single-nucleotide polymorphisms increases high-grade glioma risk, and “CAGT” haplotype of the <i>KDR</i> gene alters high-grade glioma aggressiveness and risk of grade IV tumors in Brazil.</p></div>

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Vasconcelos, Vivian Castro Antunes; Lourenço, Gustavo Jacob; Brito, Angelo Borsarelli Carvalho; Vasconcelos, Victor Leal; Maldaun, Marcos Vinicius Calfat; Tedeschi, Helder; et al. (2019): Associations of VEGFA and KDR single-nucleotide polymorphisms and increased risk and aggressiveness of high-grade gliomas. SAGE Journals. Collection.