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An Analysis of Selected Aspects of Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans

Posted on 2023-02-08 - 01:10

Although functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans (FBA-BIP) are standard practices for students with disabilities, the research base on the nature of FBA-BIPs is limited as most record reviews were conducted before 2010. We examined key compliance components of FBA-BIPs for 304 students with disabilities in one large local education agency, including demographic differences in FBA-BIP adequacy, and whether two key components could predict FBA-BIP quality. Results indicated variability in the quality rating of key FBA-BIP components and differences in FBA-BIP adequacy by grade level. Furthermore, strong associations were found between the overall quality of the FBA-BIP and the function of behavior as well as whether strategies were matched to the function. We discuss limitations, future research, and implications for professional learning and development.


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The Journal of Special Education


Shanna E. Hirsch
Timothy J. Lewis
Catherine A. Griffith
Alex Carlson
Christy Brown
Antonis Katsiyannis
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