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Academic Achievement Test Use and Assessment Practices: A National Survey of Special Education Administrators

Posted on 2021-05-18 - 12:06

This study examined current academic achievement test use and assessment practices in the United States. Special education administrators from 725 US school districts were surveyed using an online platform to determine current trends in the use of norm-referenced academic achievement tests (NRTs) and curriculum-based measures (CBMs). Administrators reported that school psychologists most commonly administered the NRTs used to help determine special education eligibility, although special education teachers also fill this role frequently, particularly in Western states. General and special educators are the most likely staff to administer CBMs. A detailed accounting of academic achievement assessment practices is discussed including which tests are used and the differences in assessment roles by region and district locale. Implications of these findings for the training of educators and for research are considered.


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Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment


Adam B. Lockwood
Ryan L. Farmer
Kathy J. Bohan
Shannon Winans
Karen Sealander
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