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A Contribution to Measure Partnership Trust in Community-Based Participatory Research and Interventions With Latinx Communities in the United States

Posted on 2021-04-26 - 00:06

Given the growing diversity in the United States, responsiveness to the needs of diverse communities is paramount. Latinx communities in the United States often state mistrust in outside institutions because of adverse experiences. Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is considered a trust-building process and is one approach to understand disparities. However, the conceptualization and evaluation of trust as a CBPR outcome are understudied. This article summarizes a community-engaged research process conducted for the cultural and linguistic refinement of a partnership trust survey tool to assess partnership trust as an outcome of CBPR (CBPR-PTS), by using Perinatal Awareness for Successful Outcomes (PASOs) as a case study and cross-cultural cognitive interviewing (CCCI) methodology. The participants were 21 diverse stakeholders of PASOs, a community-based health organization that serves the Latinx population in South Carolina. A modified version of the multidimensional measure of trust model informed instrument development. The team analyzed the CCCI data using compiling informal analysis to identify which survey items’ wordings must be changed or adapted based on the participants’ accounts. Sixteen of 28 questions subjected to CCCI required modifications due to translation errors, culturally specific errors, or general cognitive problems. The new survey instrument has 19 scales and 195 items categorized into nine dimensions of the modified multidimensional measure of trust model. CCCI was a useful tool to address the cross-cultural understanding issues of the CBPR-PTS. Measurement instruments should be able to capture the socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic/environmental variability of community stakeholders to help understand the diversity of the comprehension and views of the communities involved in disparities’ reduction efforts.


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